APIs should be easy.

LucyBot provides tools and services for creating and consuming APIs



LucyBot's DocGen is a static website generator for API documentation. It uses Open API, markdown, and other open standards to create highly customizable documentation, as well as an API console and interactive tutorials.


DataFire is an open source framework for building APIs and integrations with over 800 available services, including Slack, GitHub, Twitter, and MongoDB. DataFire.io also provides a GUI for rapid prototyping and deployment.


"There's a lot of pain for both developers and API providers. That's where Boston's LucyBot comes in."

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"One of the best implementations I've seen to date, and reflects the future of where API documentation should be going."

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"LucyBot eliminates the need for cross-language programming capability. Give LucyBot's cookbooks a shot today."

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Need help with an API project? We offer professional services for building APIs, writing documentation, creating SDKs, integrating third-party services, and more!


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