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LucyBot helps API providers create a seamless Developer Experience


API Documentation

LucyBot's tools automatically generate documentation for every operation, parameter, and response. You can also use Markdown or HTML to create custom documentation pages.

Test Console

An API Console allows developers to make sample calls to your API. This helps your users explore, debug, and learn about everything your API is capable of.

Interactive Workflows

A workflow is a step-by-step interactive tutorial for accomplishing a particular use case. Users can choose the programming language they want to work in, and are shown exactly what code they need to write.

Open Standards

LucyBot utilizes open standards like Markdown and OpenAPI to automate the documentation process, and generates a portable set of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript assets. So you're never locked in - your documentation is always up-to-date and runs anywhere.

Case Studies

Kaltura uses LucyBot to document over 600 operations. This enables their customers to discover, learn about, and try operations in a predictable, uniform way.

Kaltura has also leveraged the workflow builder to create tutorials for over a dozen common use cases.

AnyAPI provides interactive documentation for over 300 public APIs. It utilizes LucyBot's website generator to create documentation for every API in the APIs.guru directory.


"There's a lot of pain for both developers and API providers. That's where Boston's LucyBot comes in."

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"One of the best implementations I've seen to date, and reflects the future of where API documentation should be going."

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"LucyBot eliminates the need for cross-language programming capability. Give LucyBot's cookbooks a shot today."

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A distribution is available on GitHub, and can be used for demos and non-commercial projects.

For a perpetual commercial license and access to additional features, contact us.

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