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Products and Features

API Documentation

LucyBot's API Portal automatically generates static documentation for every operation, parameter, and response. You can also use Markdown or HTML to create custom documentation pages.

API Consoles

An API Console allows developers to make sample calls to your API. This helps your API consumers explore, debug, and learn about everything your API is capable of.

Workflow Recipes

A Recipe is a short, interactive walkthrough for accomplishing one particular use case for your API. Users can choose the programming language they want to work in, and will be shown exactly what code they need to write to implement it.

Easy Integration

Our tools utilize OpenAPI (Swagger) 2.0 to automate the documentation process, and include integrations for RAML, API Blueprint, and other API specification formats. This means your documentation and sample code are always up-to-date.

Case Studies

Kaltura uses LucyBot to document over 600 API endpoints. This enables their customers to discover, learn about, and test any piece of the Kaltura API in a predictable, uniform way.

To help their customers get started, Kaltura has also leveraged LucyBot's Workflow Recipes to create tutorials for over a dozen common use cases.

AnyAPI is a joint project between LucyBot and APIs.guru to provide documentation for over 200 public APIs. AnyAPI uses LucyBot's API consoles to allow users to try any API in APIs.guru's directory. This creates an experience that's both informative and interactive.

To give a clearer picture of what each API can do, AnyAPI also uses LucyBot to add a visual output to APIs like Instagram and Google Docs.


"There's a lot of pain for both developers and API providers. That's where Boston's LucyBot comes in."

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"One of the best implementations I've seen to date, and reflects the future of where API documentation should be going."

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"LucyBot eliminates the need for cross-language programming capability. Give LucyBot's cookbooks a shot today."

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Two Ways to Try

Use the free version on GitHub, or contact us to try the commercial version.


We provide a serverless, pared-down implementation of LucyBot for free on GitHub. If you already have Swagger, RAML, or another machine-readable description of your API, you can have your documentation running in less than five minutes.

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We offer access to the commercial version in exchange for a one-time licensing fee, but can also provide access on a trial basis. This is helpful if you'd like to try some of LucyBot's advanced features, such as Workflow Recipes, sample code generation, and UI embedding.

Contact sales@lucybot.com or use the form below to learn more.

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